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I'm Lotus Carroll. I'm a photographer, blogger, and mother. My photography interests are quite varied - I like the fact that my body of work is kind of eclectic and somewhat scattered in terms of subject matter and processing style. I tend to be known for self portraits in social media, especially the Bathroom Selfie project I started in parody of all the bad bathroom self portraits that people started taking and posting online so often over recent years. But I also love to shoot landscape, macro, urbex, portraits, street - just about anything, really. I have an almost desperate need to explore the world and share what I find, connecting with others emotionally as I do so.

I'm an international award winning (3x IPA 2010/2011/2012 1st and 2nd place winner and SWPA finalist in 2010) black and white photographer specialized in long exposure seascapes and architectural photographs and recently also specialized in black and white fine art automotive photography for clients in the German automotive industry.

I'm a photographer specializing in Food and stock photography (people, lifestyle, etc.). I also enjoy landscape and travel photography as well. I'm also a very busy author (these days I feel like I'm writing more than photographing!). I've written four print books published through Peachpit, as well as two eBooks through My books are all how-to books on photography and post-processing.

My name is Varina Patel, and I am a wilderness photographer, educator, author, and blogger. My photographs have become increasingly minimalist over the years. The simplest and most subtle of my images are a reflection of the sense of peace I feel in the wilderness. I love all kinds of photography, including macro, portraiture, and both studio and outdoor photography. I have taught workshops in National Parks all across the US, and have collaborated with Jay Patel to write a series of eBooks for photographers.

I can start off like this - "Seeds of Jay Patel’s appreciation for beautiful places were planted early in his childhood...." but it would get boring really fast. I will just sum it up and say that I am a Landscape and Wilderness Photographer who loves to capture dramatic light. My photographs have been published in various magazines, calendars and advertising materials throughout the world. Varina Patel and I offer a variety of educational materials such as eBooks workshops, and webinars to help you learn photography.

My name is Stephan Bollinger, and I'm a people photographer, based on the Gold Coast in Australia. I specialise in Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle photography, however I have been shooting "sports" quite intensively for a while, and due to my stage background, I'm still working with dancers and theatrical performances quite often. I'm originally from Switzerland, but I now call Australia home.

My name is Francesco Gola and I’m a landscape photographer based in Italy. Photography, unfortunately, is not my primary occupation, but it’s more than just an hobby for me. I think that everything started when I found that photography is a way to escape to the “world of eyes” and is an access to the “world of mind”. Even if I define myself a landscape photographer, I’m becoming really keen on long exposures, because they represent the parallel world I told you just above. In a long exposure you don’t freeze just a moment, but an entire period. You can transform your picture in a hourglass, and this is really amazing for me. There is something beyond what your eyes can see, and I try to reveal it.

My name is Julia Anna Gospodarou and I am an architect and a fine art photographer based in Athens, Greece. My main body of work consists of B&W images and I specialize in architectural long exposure photography, but I'm also doing with pleasure other genres such as landscape, motion blur and even street photography.

My name is Athena Carey, and I am a fine art photographer and teacher, based currently in Geneva Switzerland. My photo work is quite diverse, but consists mainly of long exposure and minimalist landscapes and creative child portraiture. These are essentially polar opposites in the field of photography, but I love both equally.

My name is Colby Brown and I am a photographer, photo educator and author based out of Denver, Colorado who specializes in landscape, travel and humanitarian photography. I am the founder and managing director of The Giving Lens, an organization that aims to blend photo education and supporting sustainable development initiatives in 3rd world countries around the globe. I am also the Director of Photography with Matador Network, the most trafficked travel website in the world, along with MatadorU, the education arm of Matador.

I am a photographer and the Curriculum & Education Manager for onOne Software. We specialize in providing photographers with a powerful collection of photo editing products called the Perfect Photo Suite. I am responsible for creating and managing all aspects of the training and educational content with a very heavy emphasis on personalization and inspiration.

My name is Klaus Herrmann. I am a photographer, author, and educator based out of Stuttgart, Germany. I am the creator of The HDR Cookbook and The HDR Resource Index - two primary resources for HDR photographers that I maintain on my website - I primarily photograph architecture and landscapes, and the techniques I use include HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging and panorama and vertorama photography (click for an explanation).

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